Zanzibar School Trip Programme Overview


Programme Overview

The tropical island archipelago of Zanzibar is world famous for spectacular coral reefs, beautiful sandy beaches, and coastal forests supporting many endemic and critically endangered species.

The islands - unique ecosystems offer a diversity of locations to learn about coastal environments, ecology, evolution, endangered species, and sustainable resource management. Zanzibar is the perfect destination for: Biologists, Geographers, and those studying World Development or environmental issues! You can:-

  • Visit Zanzibar's historic Stone Town, and learn about: Zanzibar's ecosystems and biodiversity, natural resource management and environmental sustainability.
  • Explore Misali Island and Chumbe Island, each home to outstanding self-sustaining conservation programmes. Enjoy superb snorkelling off one of the best preserved shallow reefs in East Africa! You will:
    • Learn why coral reefs, one of our planet's most diverse ecosystems, are so important, and their role in slowing down climate change; Research how coral reefs are being threated, and learn what we can do to protect them
    • Learn about sea turtle ecology, renewable energy, water quality, and innovative clean water systems
    • Identify specialised plant communities that have adapted by surviving without groundwater
  • Visit Jozani Forest on Zanzibar, and Ngezi Forest on Pemba Island, which form one of the world's 25 most important biodiversity hotspots, and are home to many critically endangered and endemic species. You will:
    • Learn about forestry resources and survey techniques
    • Undertake fieldwork to observe primate behaviour; Carry out a survey of invasive species
    • Learn how forest management programmes are being established to provide income-earning opportunities for local communities, while conserving the forest's natural resources. Meet local farmers and study organic and salt farming systems, learn about environmental issues and natural resource management
    • Learn about mangrove biology and ecology, how different species have adapted in different zones, and the important role mangroves play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Swim and snorkel off Zanzibar's stunning Northern beaches!

Interested? Read our Itinerary Highlights and Subject Focus.

Despite their biodiversity and climate-regulating values, coral reefs and forests in the Zanzibar archipelago are under threat. Through our activities, Global Action are supporting conservation programmes in two forests and two islands. Read our Country Profile.

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"The Zanzibar trip has been a once in a lifetime opportunity
that has given me the confidence to travel everywhere.
I have had an amazing time."

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