Why Choose Us?

High Educational Value

Each programme is designed to give your students an outstanding adventure, while enhancing their cross-curricular learning in the Humanities, Science and Modern Languages. This is popular with Senior Management Teams at schools as our programmes appeal to a wide student base.

  • Each trip is designed to enhance global learning by participating in field research and projects with international agencies, and directly contribute towards important conservation or poverty reduction programmes.
  • Designed to enhance the National Curriculum, and suitable from GCSE to A2, each trip can also be used to complete coursework research for essays (e.g. the EPQ and the IB Extended Essay), and the IB's CAS.
  • Itineraries are tailored to meet teachers’ specific learning objectives in one or more key subject areas.
  • All participants completing a Global Action expedition will receive the highly recognised ASDAN Universities Award. The ASDAN Universities Award is highlighted by UCAS for applicants to mention in the personal statement of their UCAS form. Students have found that the Universities Award has made a significant difference to their UCAS Application.
  • Students can also use their field research, and work alongside scientists/development experts, to further enhance their UCAS Personal Statement and University entrance interviews.
  • Our experienced Directors facilitate dynamic Fundraising Workshops (see below), and Global Learning Workshops, challenging students to engage with global issues linked to the expedition's aims, fieldwork and project.
  • Our expeditions are designed to strengthen students' employable skills in leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.

School Benefits

We maximise support to our schools and teachers, to reduce workload to a minimum:

  • For 16 participants booked, Global Action provides 2 free staff places and a fully-qualified UK Expedition Leader. This provides a strong combination of technical and pastoral care, and a higher adult-participant ratio than most expedition companies, while meeting school/LEA requirements.
  • We collect all payments, and invoice parents/students direct.
  • There are no hidden costs. We provide an all-inclusive package, which includes: return flights, accommodation, food, transportation, all activities and adult staffing as above.
  • We have a simple booking process and provide full promotional and pre-departure support from caring and experienced staff. Our Directors or Senior Managers facilitate all Assemblies, parents - presentations and training workshops.
  • We provide a genuine tailor-made and highly personal service, going many extra miles to ensure the highest standards. You will have your own individual planner from start to finish.

Your Financial Protection and Support

  • We are a fully-bonded UK tour operator, and provide school teams with financial protection through our Air Travel Organisers Licence (ATOL) Number 10624.
  • We offer a flexible payment plan. Deposits and instalments can be tailor-made for you, helping every participant to access our programme.
  • We have 10 years' expertise in helping teams with effective fundraising. We can: set up a student-led Fundraising Committee, advise the team on activities with the maximum financial return, provide on-going fundraising support through team meetings. Our workshops are designed to empower the students to drive fundraising activities (rather than busy teachers!)
  • We also provide you with an exclusive 15% discount off clothing and kit with Cotswold Outdoor (in-store and online), and 10% off vaccinations with MASTA, who run the largest network of private travel clinics in the UK.

Our Experience

  • Global Action is run by international development professionals, who also have 10 years - experience in launching and planning over 120 school expeditions safely. Meet the Founders.
  • We have a highly comprehensive Safety Backup System. This includes:- providing you with detailed risk assessments for each activity, extensive itinerary planning with our trained in-country partners, providing each team with experienced and qualified UK Expedition Leaders, 24-hour safety backup, satellite telephones and comprehensive First Aid Kits. Read more.
  • Environmental and Community Development Projects: We ensure our projects have real impact and are sustainable. Uniquely, our teams support programmes that are planned and managed by local communities, as part of long-term, National environmental protection, or poverty reduction strategies. Our teams are simply there to support and learn from this process, to ensure local communities are their own 'drivers of change'.
  • At least nine months of careful planning goes into arranging such projects, which are great fun and highly rewarding!

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River Morocco Ouarzazate Chumbe Beach Turtle on beach
Morocco Camels

"Brilliant for an A Level Geographer - overall super experience, truly unique"

Assistant Head, questionnaire