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Programme Overview

Switzerland is a highly inspirational and educational destination for any student. Switzerland's spectacular mountain scenery and geology provide outstanding examples of glacial processes and landforms. You can research the impacts of climate change and tourism, or access the world's leading scientific research and intergovernmental organisations in Geneva.

Switzerland offers excellent cross-curricula opportunities to study Geography with Science, Economics, Politics, Modern Languages, and World Development.

In Geneva, you can:-

  • Visit CERN to learn about cutting edge scientific research in identifying the particles and forces that make up our universe!
  • Get a unique behind-the-scenes view of the United Nations at work, and meet senior managers at the Headquarters of the World Health Organisation, The World Bank, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Learn first-hand how these agencies coordinate international development, and deliver vital humanitarian assistance, throughout the world.

In the Swiss Alps, you can:-

  • Hike to the snout of the stunning Langgletscher Glacier, learn about glacial processes, landforms, and the impact of climate change.
  • Conduct an environmental impact assessment of tourism in an alpine ski resort.
  • Undertake fieldwork to learn about human settlements, plate tectonics and mountain strata, fluvial processes and flash flood management.
  • Visit the amazing Mauvoisin Dam, the highest arched dam in Europe, and research hydropower, global warming and sustainable development.
  • Go trekking, swimming, and relax in a warm jacuzzi!

Interested? Read our Itinerary Highlights and Subject Focus.

Switzerland's ecosystems are especially sensitive to climate change, and the country has one of the best environmental records in the developed world. Read our Country Profile.

We travel to Switzerland each year between March and October.

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Switzerland Alps

"The students were exhilarated by the experience...perhaps we may have inspired the
next generation of physicists or international diplomats!"

Headteacher, Switzerland Trip, letter to parents