Our Top 10 Tips for Expedition Fundraising!

Fundraising can give you a real sense of personal achievement, increased confidence, and help develop your entrepreneurial skills. So just how do you take that first step towards your goal?

How to start

  • Set an overall target, and then break this down into realistic, smaller targets by:

–  Individual fundraising during the school holidays (90% of your overall target), and

–  Team fundraising during term-time (10% of your overall target)

  • 90% of your overall target will usually be reached by individual fundraising during school holidays, so plan these activities especially well.

What works?

From supermarket bag-packing to grant-giving trusts, here are our top 10 tips for effective fundraising.

Individual fundraising in school holidays

  1. Book a total of 6 days bag-packing in supermarkets during Christmas 2013 (3 days) and Easter 2014 (3 days) when you can earn up to £150 per day.  Total 6 days x £150 = £900!
  2. Car boot sale or EBay – include household items that you and your parents/siblings don’t want (make sure you ask first…)
  3. Babysitting and paper rounds
  4. Sponsored endurance event – get your friends and family to sponsor you for a big swim, bike ride, hike, run or rowing maching at the gym etc.  Get paid to get fit!
  5. Saving Christmas and birthday money – ask for the cash value of gifts for that year.

Team fundraising in term-time

  1. Persuade the school to have a non-uniform day, with proceeds going to the trip.
  2. Themed evening – e.g. local Nepali restaurant, team invites friends and relations.  Donated auction and/or raffle prizes can raise up to £2000 on one night, and it is easy to organise!
  3. Quiz during break/lunch on your destination (with a prize for the winner).
  4. Group cake sales (break, parent evenings) and carwashes.
  5. Local business sponsorship and grant giving trusts (e.g. Frederick Soddy Trust).

Next steps

  1. Select activities with the maximum financial return.
  2. Set up a Team Fundraising Committee, with a date, time, and location of follow-up meetings to start implementing the team plan during term-time.

Email or call Global Action any time to discuss how activities can be set up.  After you have booked, we will also provide a Fundraising Workshop at your school.