Belated Welcome to Melanie Powell

We thought it was about time we introduced you to Melanie Powell. Melanie (never a Mel!) has been working hard in the Operations Team at Global Action for the past year, doing a wide range of roles vital to the day to day running of Global Actions operations. Melanie is likely to be the first person to answer the phone when you ring!

Melanie’s varied background makes her the ideal person for handling both parents’ and teachers’ enquiries at Global Action. Having been brought up in Oslo, she started her career as Cabin Crew, travelling the world from Ecuador to Sydney and embracing the opportunity of living in Japan for 3 months whilst in training (Melanie is fluent in Japanese too). When her feet touched the ground again, Melanie worked in a local secondary school, giving her first-hand knowledge of what makes teachers and teenagers tick!

Melanie says that “having worked in a secondary school environment and having teenagers of my own I believe in giving young people a meaningful experience through travel that will stay with them forever.”

When she does have free time from organising workshops and expedition planning with the Global Action team, Melanie can be found running Yoga classes and trying to get her three children to join in her love of running!