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- Come to Nepal for two reasons:
have the holiday of a lifetime, and support the Nepali recovery. -

Dr Gail Marzetti, Head of the UK's Department for International Development, Nepal

Nepal's spectacular mountains, forests, rivers and jungle, together with its rich and diverse cultures, offers an adventurous, educational and hugely inspiring destination! See our latest news on how 8 Global Action school groups are helping Nepalese communities recover.

Nepal hosts 8 out of the 10 highest mountain peaks in the world, and is a perfect cross-curricular destination for those interested in Geography, International Development, Biology, World Religions, and the great outdoors!

  • Visit the ancient city of Kathmandu - explore restored World Heritage palaces, visit monasteries to see how two world religions peacefully co-exist, learn from inspirational NGOs how Nepal is building resilient livelihoods.
  • With Practical Action Nepal and villagers, work on a well-planned and high-impact poverty-reduction programme in an isolated and vulnerable mountain community. Install safe drinking water systems, help build a critically-needed classroom or public health clinic.
  • Enjoy thrilling white water rafting through the jungle! Go trekking through the deepest gorge in the world, enjoy spectacular views of the world-famous Annapurna mountains and the semi-arid Tibetan Plateau!
  • Relax on the beautiful Phewa Lake in Pokhara where a mirror image of the Himalayas is reflected in the water.
  • Be inspired by how the tranquil Buddhist Kopan Monastery is preserving Tibetan cultural traditions in an era of rapid globalisation, and learn how monks and nuns live their lives.

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Learn about Nepal's development challenges, famous Gurkha soldiers and the impact of climate change in the Himalayas. Read our Country Profile.

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"Amazing experience, once in a lifetime opportunity, loved every second - best trip ever!"

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