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Visit the spectacular Golden Temple, founded in 1577, one of the most magnificent temples in the world!

  • Learn about India's history, culture and World Religions
  • See pilgrims praying, priests conducting ancient ceremonies, and visit the Maharaja's palace


Based in the foothills of the beautiful Indian Himalayas, enjoy unique workshops on:

Tibetan Culture
Image India classroom
  • Visit the Tibetan Medical Institute to learn how herbal medicine, perfected over 2,500 years using plants unique to the Himalayas, treats patients from all over the world
  • Learn about environmental sustainability on the Tibetan Plateau, which provides water to 1.3 billion people in Asia, and how the United Nations is protecting this 'Third Pole'
  • Visit the Dalai Lama's temple and the inspirational Tibetan Children's Village. Learn how 3,000 students (mostly orphans) study ancient culture to IT!
Fair Trade
Image of Indian artist
  • Meet the founders of two cooperatives, learn about: Fair Trade, enterprise development, women's empowerment, and social integration of refugees
  • At the renowned Norbulinka Institute, learn how master craftsmen and women are preserving ancient traditions by teaching young apprentices wood and stone-carving, and traditional art skills
  • Learn how we can make proactive decisions on our spending to contribute towards environmental sustainability and protect cultural traditions
Hinduism and Buddhism
  • Learn about Indian food and culture; enjoy a Hindi language lesson!
  • Visit the world-famous Tushita Mediation Centre, and the peaceful Dolma Ling nunnery, meet the Lamas, learn about Buddhism, how to meditate, and practice mindfulness in our daily lives
Image of Buddhist Monk

Village Development Project

Small Indian child image

Help on a high-impact poverty-reduction project with a UK charity that works with very poor families from remote areas. We will work on one of three important projects:

  • Build a new children's hostel, so they can attend school for the first time in their lives
  • Install the community's first piped drinking water, which will ensure each family has access to clean water
  • Build the first greenhouse that will enhance the children's diet with healthy vegetables

Teach English, and play sports with the children. In return, we will learn about the community's unique culture, customs and language!

Himalayan Trek

Image of Himalayan Trek
  • Enjoy a breath-taking trek through the world-famous Himalayas, through alpine meadows and forests. Enjoy spectacular views of the Dhauladhar mountain range and across the Kangra Valley!
  • Learn about: ecotourism, environmental conservation, and the protection of endangered wildlife
  • See ancient temples dedicated to Hindu and Buddhist gods, and small Hydro projects that provide electricity to isolated villages

Delhi and Agra

Photo of group outside Taj Mahal
  • Enjoy a guided tour of the Tughlagabad Fort, built in 1321, and learn about Delhi's history, art and culture
  • Visit the Taj Mahal, the most famous architectural icon of India! Built in 1632, over 22 years, this incredible white marble palace, inlaid with thousands of precious stones, is one of the romantic wonders of the world
  • The Taj Mahal is the perfect place to relax and reflect at the end of this unique trip!

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